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In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, local groups are joining forces to make sure families and children do not go hungry.

With many schools closed, a collaboration between the Learning Community, the Omaha Community Foundation, Millard Public Schools and the NorthStar Foundation handed out hot meals Tuesday evening, and the group will continue to do so through Friday.

“It’s a difficult time,” said David Patton, CEO of the Learning Community, “We know that so many of our families are food insecure that we’re trying to do what we can to help during this time frame.”

Stacks of meals lined tables at the drive-up locations. The NorthStar Foundation handed out its meals in just over an hour.

In spite of masks and minimal contact, NorthStar Foundation President Scott Hazelrigg said the human connection is happening, even through a car window.

“While the food is the essential piece of the puzzle here, I think that the human interaction and those conversations that took place probably have equal or greater value,” Hazelrigg said.

Those drive-up locations will hand out meals through Friday, March 20th, starting each day at 4 p.m.

The locations are:

  • NorthStar Foundation, 4242 N 49th Avenue
  • Learning Community of South Omaha 2302 M Street
  • Millard Central Middle Schools 12801 L Street

You can find other options for free meals provided by metro area school districts here.

Read the rest of the article and watch the video at the link below.

By Alexandra Stone , KETV Anchor/Reporter // March 17, 2020

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