Enjoy a stimulating career while making a positive impact in the lives of school-aged boys in Omaha.

Want To Work For NorthStar?

NorthStar seeks to fill a wide variety of full-time and part-time job positions. Please visit Careerlink to view current positions NorthStar anticipates hiring for, along with approximate posting timeframes.

How Do I Apply?

All positions, as they become available, will be posted on our Careerlink page. Please check our Careerlink page frequently for the most up to date listing of available positions. Apply through Careerlink in order to be considered.

Our Staffing Mission

Our staffing mission is very simple. Here’s what we value as an organization:

  • We’re a family – We support each other inside and outside the office walls.
  • We’re obsessed with outcomes – We want to change lives.
  • Your success is ours – We win together.
  • We work smart and we work hard – We creatively solve tough problems and we’ll get our hands dirty if that’s what it takes.
  • We respect honest feedback – We ask for and give honest feedback in an ongoing quest to be the best team.
  • Operational Stewardship – We are excellent stewards of donor and community resources with a well-planned entrepreneurial approach to non-profit management
Current Staff Documents