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NorthStar Basketball

Players in grades 3 through 12 from across the metro are welcome to play basketball at NorthStar.

Basketball was the first sport we offered when NorthStar opened its doors in 2014. Since then, the program has grown to be a thriving, in-demand option for students of all skill levels to play and enjoy the sport.

We have teams for grades 3rd through 12th, and we currently play in two leagues: YMCA (recreational) and Omaha Sports Academy (competitive). Both options are available for grades 3-8, while grades 9-12 is recreational only. Players are welcome to join a NorthStar basketball team while also playing for other organizations.

NorthStar basketball is a great way for young men of all ages to stay active, compete, and improve their own skills. Read on to learn more about our season, practices, team assignment and more.


Players from all over the metro are welcome to play basketball at NorthStar (and they can still do so while playing for other organizations). We have competitive and recreational league options available for grades 3-8 and a recreational league for grades 9-12.


NorthStar offers two basketball sessions. The first semester session runs from October to December. The second semester session runs from January to March.

Team Assignments

Because NorthStar basketball includes a recreational option for grades 3-12 (focusing on learning fundamentals and playing as a hobby), everyone makes a basketball team. For each session, we hold Team Assignments to assign players to different teams.

Practices & Games

Specific practice times are decided by individual coaches. Competitive league teams practice 2 -3 times per week, while our rec leagues practice 1-2 times per week. Practices last 1.5 hours for both teams and take place at NorthStar’s Fred C. Buffett Fieldhouse. Games take place on Saturdays or Sundays depending on the league and age group.


Conditioning for our first semester session takes plays throughout the month of September. Second semester conditioning takes play throughout January. Conditioning includes player and position drills, workouts, athletics testing/monitoring

Bonding & Mentorship

As part of our basketball program, we offer opportunities for our players to bond as a team. Activities include mentoring, camps, group activities and team outings. Specific activities are determined each session by individual coaches.

For more information about NorthStar basketball or to register, please contact:

Mike Mitchell

Athletics Manager

402.614.6360 x215
Email Mike

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Facilities & Equipment

Home games will be played at the Fred C. Buffet Fieldhouse at NorthStar.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The Fred C. Buffet Fieldhouse at NorthStar is equipped with a double-court gym, bleachers, and electronic scoreboards, ensuring players and spectators get the most out of their basketball experience.

Guaranteed Practice and Game Space

We always have room for our teams’ practices and games, so you’ll never worry about vying for space or missing out on playing time.

As part of our mission, we’re committed to making basketball as accessible and affordable as possible. We won’t want cost to be an obstacle for young men interested in playing.

Equipment is loaned to players free of charge

All necessary equipment is loaned to players. Uniforms and shoes are provided free of cost during the season with notice to coach.

Currently enrolled at NorthStar?

If you are already enrolled in NorthStar’s after-school program, you will have a reduced fee for participation in NorthStar Athletics. Contact us to learn more.

Not enrolled at NorthStar?

For any player not enrolled in NorthStar’s after-school program, basketball participation fees are based on a sliding fee scale. Contact us to learn more.

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For more information about NorthStar Basketball or to register, please contact:

Mike Mitchell

Athletics Manager
Email Mike
402.614.6360 x215