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Consent to Release Student Records Omaha Public Schools

The Omaha Public Schools (OPS) seeks to support students and families and to remove barriers to success in school. OPS works with Omaha area community organizations to provide district identified needs and student and family support programs. Organizations working with OPS are required to monitor and report student progress toward program goals.

Program staff views student information stored by the United Way of the Midlands and by OPS. End of year data is provided and the program uses the information to monitor and evaluate their services. OPS must approve any research to study the impact of participation in this community program using the student information.

The consent of a parent or a legal guardian of the student is required for OPS to release the requested student information from your child’s education records. Eligible students age 18 or older may consent to the release of their own student records.

By signing this form, I give consent to the Omaha Public Schools to release all of the student information in the categories/examples listed below. I give consent to the Omaha Public Schools to release any additional student information approved by OPS in the future to the program and the United Way of the Midlands. (Signature and date required below).

By typing your full legal name in the E-Sign box you are electronically signing this document.