NorthStar teens design classroom


Updated: 6:37 PM CDT Jun 21, 2017


Incoming junior Roton Nero has been attending NorthStar since he was in eighth grade.


“We were in a little closet in the gym, and there became more and more of us,” Nero said. “It was a small space, and it was kind of stinky in there.”


They pitched the idea to create a classroom of their own.


With the help of HDR, the boys were able to take an old storage room and turn it into their dream classroom.


“There were a lot of people from HDR that invest a lot of personal time with the boys, to walk them through the process of what it’s like to take a project from the planning phase to the design phase,” Brent Kollars, HDR employment director, said.


HDR donated $66,664 to the project. In the end, it gave the teens a place to study and even a lounge with video games.


“We just created it as a team, so it’s a little bit of everybody in this room,” Roton said.


It is a classroom like no other, and Roton said that’s exactly what they intended.



“That’s because a bunch of teenagers in high school designed it. So I guess, we have a unique way of designing things”