Covid Protocol

As of Thursday, August 13, 2021

#1 Goal: Keep students in school at 100% capacity and keep NorthStar open at 100% capacity.

#2 Goal: As an organization we believe high vaccination rates are the path to moving beyond this ongoing health issue and will encourage, through organizational actions and words, this for our students, staff, and the community we serve.

Student & Staff Protocols

  1. Hand sanitizer stations will be in place in the welcome vestibule for all who enter.
  2. ALL PT & FT staff must confirm vaccination with a copy of their vaccine card or sign a ‘not vaccinated’ form. If vaccination status changes, staff must let HR know. Staff must confirm their status by Friday, August 13 by turning in a photocopy of their vaccine card to HR or signing the non-vaccinated form.
  3. Students who ARE vaccinated will be highlighted weekly and eligible for weekly prize drawings if a copy of their card is on file!
  4. Masks are required by ALL when students are on-site.
  5. Outdoor activities: Masks optional, but encouraged.
  6. While eating dinner: Masks can be removed while eating, plexiglass dividers will be in place.
  7. Vans/Busses: When on NorthStar transportation, masks must be on, windows will be down when applicable for airflow.

Visitor, Volunteer & Program Partner Protocols

  1. Program Partners: Contracted for services after-school must be vaccinated & wear masks.
  2. Volunteers: Let us know if you are vaccinated/unvaccinated, but all will be required to wear a mask when on-site during program hours.